Doyle Brunson´s blog

Last week Anurag Dikshit agreed to plead guilty to a charge related to internet betting and pay the US authorities $300m.

Doyle can´t imagine what was going through his mind.

Dikshit was one of the owners of Party poker and became a multi-billionaire when Party went public.

It looks like he would feel a sense of obligation to online poker, the industry that made him a rich man. Instead, he folded up like an accordion and plead guilty to breaking some kind of mystery law and is paying a 300 million dollar fine and a possible 2-year jail term.

It certainly created some ill will from the other online poker sites.

I personally can't imagine what was going through his mind when he made his decision.

You can read the rest of doyles blog here.

Mr Dikshit was the technician behind Partygaming´s meteoric rise that resulted in a £5bn ($7.8bn) flotation in 2005 to become a FTSE 100 company.

He wrote the software that enabled it to become the world’s biggest online poker site before anti-gambling legislation in 2006 forced its exodus from the US. He retains a 27 per cent stake in the company.

Merry Christmas!

Hello all.

Once again it is time for Santa, Rudolph, candy canes, gift-getting, great kitchen smells, and renewed family traditions.

Have a festive day with great food nice presents and family christmas traditions, we would like to wish you and your family a safe and festive holiday season.

The pokerstarblog Wish You and all poker players A Merry Christmas !

Beating the Weak Player.

On Daniel Negreanu´s blog i found a really good post about beating up on the weak player.

If someone describes your playing style as weak, let's just say you're in lots of trouble. In fact, its the weak players that are the ones you should focus on when you are at the poker table.

Rather than duke it out with the strong, fierce, aggressive players you'll risk less, and win more in the long run against the weak, timid, passive players.

In order to pound on the weak players properly, the first thing you'll need to do is identify them. There are generally a few clues that you can look for that while not always totally accurate, could be clues nonetheless:

1) How they dress. If someone dresses extremely conservatively they will generally play poker that way! If they dress loudly they'll more than likely play more aggressive or flamboyantly.

2) How they talk. This is in line with the previous clue. If they are quiet or timid in the way they talk, chances are that's how they'll play poker.
Again, conversely, if you a dealing with an aggressive talker they are more than likely aggressive players.

3) Do they raise before the flop or just call? If they like to limp in on a regular basis, you might be dealing with a weak player.

4) Do they like to bet, or check and call? Aggressive players are bettors while weak players tend to check, or just call others bets.

So once you've identified the weak player, it's time to strategize against them.
Playing against weak players is without a doubt, the easiest type of opponent to face. In fact, your cards often don't even matter since they play so predictably!

You can read the rest of daniel´s great post here:

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Phil Ivey dominates the high-stakes on Full Tilt.

If you take a look at Online Poker Results, you will see that Phil Ivey has consistently dominated the high stakes games on Full Tilt Poker.
He doesn't have an edge in just one game, he has an edge in all of the games.

Most of the high stakes players have one, or maybe two games that they feel like they have an advantage in.
And they will avoid games that they feel like they don't have an edge in.

But Phil Ivey is different he is a machine, and seems to be able to profit in any game that he chooses, which makes him one of the best all round poker players in the world ever.

This is the top 5 winners on fulltilt this year.

1. Phil Ivey $7.217.278 With 86133 hands played.

2. Tom 'durrrr' Dwan $4.134.654 With 203543 hands played.

3. Phil 'OMGClayAiken' Galfond $3.428.738 With 134583 hands played.

4. Hac 'trex313' Dang $3.326.685 With 134379 hands played.

5. David Benyamine $2.939.865 With 241499 hands played.

Phil ivey is the biggest winner with the fewest hands played so far this year, which have made him about $83 for each hand played in 2008.

Keep in mind that only started tracking the Omaha Hi/Lo and HORSE games a few months ago.
You can probably safely assume that Ivey was a winning player in both games prior to July 1st, 2008, which might put his total winnings on Full Tilt since January of 2008 up over the 7 million dollar mark.

Players such as David Benyamine and Patrik Antonius have played under multiple accounts on Full Tilt. However, even if you consolidate these results, neither player is even coming close to Phil Ivey in terms of overall profits.

When Phil Ivey in september made it into the money in the H.O.R.S.E tournament at WSOPE in London, he reached the 10 million dollar mark in total live poker winnings. (only official numbers)


Party poker Premier League III

Party poker has announced the lineup for the Premier League III event which will take place on November 24th.

The players who will be compete in Premier League is:

Tom “Durrrr” Dwan
Peter Eastgate
Juha Helppi
JC Tran
Nenad Medic
Victoria Coren
Andy Black
Roland de Wolfe
Tony G
Annette Obrestad
Dave “Devilfish” Ulliot
Phil Hellmuth

Many players will watch how Peter Eastgate does in this event since he just recently won the 2008 WSOP main event and $9,152,416.

At 22 years of age, Eastgate became the youngest person ever to win the WSOP main event.
Phil Hellmuth used to hold the record since he won when he was 24-year-old.

Before this event Phil Hellmuth said:

"Only a few weeks back, Peter Eastgate broke my record as 'youngest world champion of poker in history' at the tender age of 22-years-old. Talk about being on form, this kid won over $9 million at the WSOP Main Event! I'm looking forward to watching the way this young gun plays his hands in the Party poker Premier League."

Two other young players that will draw a lot of attention at the event are Tom “durrr” Dwan and Annette Obrestad.

Dwan is 22 years old and is one of the best online poker players in the world, he has already won over $6 million this year.

20-year-old Annette Obrestad is also a very successful online player and won the 2007 WSOP Europe too.

The buy-ins are $75,000 and the total prize pool is $1.25 million.
Each participant will play 6 different times and the top 4 will move on to the heads-up, whoever wins the two semifinal heads-up games will advance to the final where the top prize is waiting.

"Hearts13" The Run of a Lifetime

The story of the run of a lifetime.

When "Hearts13" logged onto Ultimatebet Sunday night, he thought it was just going to be another regular session. Little did he know that his life was soon about to completely change.

Only a few days ago, "Hearts13" was a regular in the small NLHE games on Ultimatebet.

He had a couple of hundred dollars in his account and was happy grinding it out at the lower limits.

Then early Monday morning "hearts13" won the Bad Beat Jackpot.

He ended up receiving around $65,000. He decided that he wanted just a bit more money, enough to pay all his debts and have some cash in the bank.

And then sat at a $50/$100 NLHE table, and proceeded to go on the run of a lifetime, battering Prahlad "Spirit Rock" Friedman in a NLHE, high-stakes battle. When all was said and done, "Hearts13" walked away with a profit of around $100k.

He continued to battle against high-stakes regulars. He more than held his own, and was seen with a stack of $200k at a $100/$200 table at one point.

Whenever "Hearts13" sits at a table now, there is usually a long line-up of well known players that are lined up to play him.

Now the big question becomes - how long will "Hearts13" be able to maintain this incredible run, especially with everyone now gunning for him?

Peter Eastgate 2008 WSOP Main Event Champion!

Congratulations to Peter Eastgate the wsop main event winner 2008

It took 4 months, 39 two-hour levels, and a 104-hand heads-up duel, before our 2008 World Series of Poker Main Event Champion Peter Eastgate could take home the bracelet, and eliminate Ivan Demidov in 2nd Place.

Peter Eastgate won 9.119.517 USD
Ivan Demidov won 5.790.024 USD

Doyle Brunson, Moss, Stu Ungar, Chan, Chris "Jesus" Ferguson, Phil Hellmuth And now Peter Eastgate, a 22-year old poker pro from Denmark.

Speaking of Phil Hellmuth, tonight Peter Eastgate shattered a record that the Poker Brat has held for the last 19 years as the youngest WSOP Main Event winner in history.

Peter Eastgate is also the first Danish Main Event champion, and the Dane to win a WSOP bracelet.

"I'm very proud and thank you all for coming," he said, smiling as he looked down at his new WSOP bracelet.

Well done Peter, Congratulations.

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2008 WSOP Main Event: November Nine

117 days of waiting are almost over for the november nine in las vegas.

Beginning at 10:20 a.m. Las Vegas time on Sunday morning, the nine finalists in the 2008 World Series of Poker Main Event will return to play in the Rio hotel in las vegas.

The final table of the WSOP Main Event is always poker's biggest annual happening.

Here's the players chip counts:

Seat 1: Dennis Phillips - 26,295,000
Seat 2: Craig Marquis - 10,210,000
Seat 3: Ylon Schwartz - 12,525,000
Seat 4: Scott Montgomery - 19,690,000
Seat 5: Darus Suharto - 12,520,000
Seat 6: David 'Chino' Rheem - 10,230,000
Seat 7: Ivan Demidov - 24,400,000
Seat 8: Kelly Kim - 2,620,000
Seat 9: Peter Eastgate - 18,375,000

And here is what they can win: 9.119.517 dollar 5.790.024 dollar 4.503.352 dollar 3.763.515 dollar 3.088.012 dollar 2.412.510 dollar
7.place1.769.174 dollar 1.286.672 dollar 900.670 dollar

And there you have it. All nine finalists have collected over $900,000 in prize winnings already, and one of them will soon become poker's world champion for another year.

Rakeback at US friendly poker rooms.

Daniel Negreanu's Blog

Daniel Negreanu actually write good posts on his blog.

This time a little about WSOP 2008 and betting rules at bellagio in Las Vegas.

Daniel writes:

It seems that every year at the WSOP people go bonkers at some point and act, well, just randomly bizarre. I assume it's the pressure, but man, some of these outbursts are downright awkward and annoying.

You got one 'classy' kid yelling, "Who's the bully now," after busting a Russian, than you have another guy yell, "You are an Idiot," to an opponent four times while pointing right at him aggressively.

Some people just completely lose composure and let their emotions take over. When the amateurs do it I can give them a pass, they have likely never been in that kind of situation before, but when a longtime pro does it, it's just totally inexcusable and pathetic.

When people play for that many days they'll often just crack and lose their minds on one hand and usually go broke.

Aside from the play, I did see a hand come up which involved a pet peeve of mine. Losev pushed forward 3 million in chips, took it back, and then cut out just 1.5 million in chips.
The floor was called over and they ruled that the bet should only be 1.5 million instead of the 3 million that was originally pushed forward.

It's a dangerous precedent to set, but the procedure used at Bellagio is by far the absolute worst of anywhere in the world. The set up there is absolutely designed to help cheaters and angle shooters.

At Bellagio there is a betting line. Unless verbally declared, only chips that cross that betting line count as a bet. There are a million ways to take advantage of this rule, but here is one good one:

You are on the river and your opponent bets 100,000. You have a marginal hand and aren't sure if it's good. Here is what you do:

Take four 25k chips, splash them forward but not far enough to touch the betting line. Your opponent will likely turn his hand up.

If you can beat his hand, just take the pot, if he shows you his hand and you can't beat it, just take your chips back and tell the floor he should get a penalty for turning his hand face up in the middle of a hand!

If the floor says you have to call the bet you just say, "Nope, my chips did not cross the line and I did not say call." That's cold blooded! According to the awful Bellagio rule, though, it would be considered perfectly legal to do that.

You can read the post and see Daniel Negreanu´s blog here:

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EPT Budapest

After 4 grueling days of poker at the Las Vegas Casino in Budapest, England's Will Fry outlasted 531 opponents to claim victory in the PokerStars European Poker Tour Hungary Main Event.

Fry took down €595,839 for winning the biggest poker tournament in Hungarian history, concluding a very quick final table.

In his first major tournament outing, Will Fry claimed the first-ever EPT Budapest title and its €595,839 top prize.

Promising to give a significant portion of his winnings to charity, Fry said, "I'm going to pay my mortgage. Help out my family and friends. And look into some good charities to help stop third-world hunger.

I'm going to try to do my bit to help and hopefully others will get involved." Congratulations to Will Fry, the new EPT Budapest champion.

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ElkY winner of WPT Festa al Lago

ElkY has just won the World Poker Tour Festa al Lago at Bellagio in Las Vegas.

He can put $1.4 million in the pocket after beating the field of 368 people.
This marks ElkY's second major title of the year.

He started 2008 with a win at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure for $2 million.

That event marked the PCA's first time on the European Poker Tour and gave ElkY his first EPT win.

Last month, he nearly won a WCOOP bracelet in the $25,000 head-up championship, he finished runner-up for $320,000.

Then came this year's Festa al Lago main event, He sat at the final table with such names as Nenad Medic and Nam Le.
ElkY went into the final table with the chip lead and took it all the way to the win.

At 27 years-old, ElkY has won more than $4 million in career live tournament winnings.
He's earned most of that money in the last ten months.

The man is indeed having a pretty good year.
Congrats, ElkY

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watch the poker pros play.

At you can see the pros play.

You can see everything, highstakes poker, poker after dark, milion dollar cash game, EPT, WPT, aussie milions, irish open and the last 40 years of WSOP episodes and much more. really is a great place to watch all the pros play live poker.

For most of the times new episodes will apear very soon after the episodes has been shown in tv.


Kentucky Domain Seizures to go ahead

The big news today is of course the Kentucky Court hearing where Judge Thomas Wingate dismissed the objections brought by the 141 gambling domain names subject to seizure, which include Pokerstars and Full Tilt.

Judge Wingate ruled that an internet domain name is a 'device' used in gambling, which is therefore illegal under Kentucky law.

Any websites that advertise or provide gambling information alone were not enough to establish presence in Kentucky and would have the seizure order affecting them rescinded at a later date.

The attempts by the Poker Players Alliance (PPA) to get poker made exempt on the basis of the element of skill was quickly dismissed by Wingate.

"In the end, no matter how skilful or cunning the player, who wins and who loses is determined by the hands the players hold" he stated (Seemingly oblivious to the concept known as 'bluffing').

If the correct safeguards to block Kentucky ISPs are put in place by the online poker rooms and gambling domains within 30 days, then the seizure order against them will be withdrawn.

The final hearing is set for November 17th and it is not yet known whether an appeal will be made by the various parties affected.

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DANIEL NEGREANU says in he´s blog that he use alot of time looking on poker stats.

""I've been loving poker lately, just really enjoying playing the game and I have no idea why, but it's true.

I'm looking forward to every tournament I enter and expect to go really deep.

I play poker at this point mostly because I'm a total stats geek, especially when it comes to fantasy sports.

Instead of rooting for random athletes to do well in games, I can check up my own poker stats and look to improve them.

Kind of a high goal I've set for myself is to overtake Jamie Gold as the all-time money winner in tournament poker since they've started tracking those types of stats, within a year.

Right now I sit in the #2 spot, and in the top 10 are each and every one of "my boys" who started out in this business around the same time: John Juanda, Phil Ivey, and Allen Cunningham.

Among the 4 you are looking at 18 WSOP bracelets and close to $40 million in career earnings depending on which site you are looking at.

One site has the top ten looking like this:

1st Jamie Gold $ 12,170,024
2nd Daniel Negreanu $ 10,874,018
3rd Joe Hachem $ 10,744,616
4th Phil Hellmuth Jr $ 10,681,368
5th Allen Cunningham $ 10,306,817
6th Scotty Nguyen $ 10,017,543
7th Phil Ivey $ 10,007,716
8th T.J. Cloutier $ 9,373,135
9th John Juanda $ 9,330,774
10th Erik Seidel $ 9,294,401

I have a slim lead on the all-time WPT money list and I need to start playing more of those to strengthen that lead:

1st Daniel Negreanu $ 5,491,232
2nd Carlos Mortensen $ 5,260,360
3rd Tuan Le $ 4,490,643
4th Michael 'The Grinder' Mizrachi $ 4,168,766
5th Gus Hansen $ 4,110,801
6th Alan Goehring $ 3,929,407
7th Joe Bartholdi Jr. $ 3,760,165
8th David Chiu $ 3,615,036
9th Nick Schulman $ 3,127,762
10th Justin Cuong Van Tran $ 3,077,798

The WSOP stats are where I really fall behind and need to put a few good years together in a row to make some moves on those lists.

With my three WSOP cashes in Europe that gave me 8 on the year, but just 33 overall in 11 years for an average of 3 a year which is much lower than some others.

How about this stat, though, Layne Flack has only cashed 19 times at the WSOP but won... 6 times! That's pretty sick.

There are 18 people in the world with more WSOP bracelets than me.

My 33 cashes puts me 33rd on the list, Juanda has a total of 45 cashes by comparison.

I rank 25th in WSOP earnings with $2,984,419, while Allen sits fourth on the all-time WSOP money list with $7,341,873.

Both Ivey and Juanda have also earned more than I have at the WSOP.

Ivey has the most WPT final tables with 8, and an impressive group of players follow him:
1 Phil Ivey 8
2 Daniel Negreanu 7
2 Gus Hansen 7
2 Scotty Nguyen 7
5 David Pham 6
5 John Juanda 6
7 Barry Greenstein 5
7 Erick Lindgren 5
7 JC Tran 5
7 Ted Forrest 5

I surf through all this stuff all the time and have a ton of fun with it.

Also helps motivate me to climb the ladder or in some cases maintain a lead.

I don't really care all that much about money, I really don't. I play poker because I love the competition.""

You can read the whole post, or Daniel Negreanu´s blog here:

Doyle Brunson blog: Take me back

In doyle brunson´s blog you can read that doyle would lowe to go 10 years back, and the state of kentucky´s attemt to seize the url´s of internet gaming sites.

I don't know if everybody is following this extortion attempt that is going on in Kentucky.

The out of state attorneys that started this attempt to seize the urls of internet gaming sites are making ridiculous claims that internet gaming is hurting Kentucky's citizens and prevents them from having money for horse racing.

I'm not going to go into all the legal issues but Kentucky is in for a hell of a battle and every legal opinion I've heard says they don't have a chance of winning.

I've been home from London for a week now and while I've recovered physically, I still feel it would be hard to focus enough to play high stakes poker.

I can't get caught up with my e-mails, snail mail, phone calls, and appointments.

It seems like I have to take all my time with different business opportunities, my obligations to DoylesRoom, and worrying about what to do and when to do it.

When I look back ten years at what my life was like and then look at what it is now, I get sick.

There is no life that is as good as being a pro poker player with no other concerns.

I could play when I wanted to and didn't have to answer to anyone or anything.

I wish I could get a time machine to take me back in time, I would do a lot of things differently.

One thing I know for sure, if I could do that, I would leave myself time to play the game that I love.

You can read the whole post on doyle´s blog here:

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hey all

Have you ever wondered how the pros play poker ?

Well it is actually possiple to see, some websites have agreements with some of the worlds best poker pros, and they will record while they play and comment it aswell at the same time.

There are lots of such sites but the most well known must be they have lots of pros making videos of their poker play.

They have cash game pros, SNG pros and tournament pros to suit everyone.

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WSOPE Event 3, £5,000 PLO winner

The winner of WSOPE event 3 is Theo jorgensen.

Theo jorgensen won £218.6262. and took home the second WSOPE bracelet to denmark this year.

Well done and congratulations.

The £10,000 buy in WSOP Europe main event just startet, and will be full of the worlds best live tournament players as:

Aliaksandr Dzianisau, Andy Bloch, Antony Lellouche, Arnuad Mattern, Ben Grundy, Craig Marquis, David Benyamine, Eli Elezra, Erica Schoenberg, Freddy Deeb, Isaac Baron, Joe Hachem, Josh Arieh, Karl Mahrenholz, Ketul Nathwani, Kravchenko, Layne Flack, Markus Golser, Max Pescatori, Mike Matusow, Peter Gould, Phil Hellmuth, Phil Ivey, Praz Bansi, Ram Vaswani, Scotty Nguyen, Shane Warne, Steve Zolotow, Vanessa Rousso, and Vicky Coren

Is theo jorgensen still running hot ? will he win again ? well only time will tell.

Good luck to all.


WSOPE Event 3, £5,000 PLO final table

45 players returned for Day 2 of the £5,000 Pot-Limit Omaha event 3 trying to find a way to the final table of 9 players, we saw many of the poker worlds best hit the rail.

Allen Cunningham, Joe Beevers, Shaun Deeb, Mike "Timex" McDonald, Erik Seidel, and Andy Bloch just to name a few.

When final table starts play it will be with the dominant chip leader Copenhagen's Theo Jorgensen, and he also took out tenth place finisher Ilkka Koskinen to build his stack to nearly 900,000 chips on the final hand of the night.

Behind him is EPT San Remo champion Jason Mercier with 650,000.

Seat 1. Erik Friberg 189.000
Seat 2. David Penly 162.000
Seat 3. Jason Mercier 650.000
Seat 4. Sorel Mizzi 290.000
Seat 5. Tomi Nyback 434.000
Seat 6. Theo Jørgensen 897.000
Seat 7 .Max Pescatori 126.000
Seat 8. Eric Dalby 277.000
Seat 9. Chris 'Jesus' Ferguson 282.000

Here is what the players are fighting for.


Good luck to all

WSOPE Event 3, £5,000 PLO

hello all and welcome to my blog.

my first post will be about the world series of poker europe 2008.

Pot-limit Omaha is a game that took root in Europe a little while before it really began taking America by storm.

so it is only natural that some of Europe's biggest names would turn out for Event 3 of the World Series of Poker Europe £5,000 Pot-Limit Omaha.

Among the famous European players taking the field on Day 1 were....

Joe Beevers, Max Pescatori, Padraig Parkinson and 2007 WSOPE PLO champ Dario Alioto.

The WSOPE event 3 drew a fair number of US stars across the pond as well, as Doyle Brunson, Phil Laak, David Williams and Shaun Deeb all made their way to London for the event.

165 players joined the WSOPE event 3 and they all paid £5,000 , that is a prize pool of £825,000.
good luck to them all ;)

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