Annette15´s Blog.

A little update on Annette15´s blog, Anentte has played two big live tournaments this year so far The Aussie Millions and Pokerstars EPT Copenhagen, and she is disappointed not to go deeper in any of them.

Annette writes:

" There's nothing more annoying than having played sick poker for four days, not having been all-in a single time without having my opponent drawing dead postflop just to have someone call your 4-bet shove the first hand you sit down at the table..ah well....I still love poker.

Bubbled at the Copenhagen EPT...these things happen.

Best of luck to new Betfair sponsored Pro Peter Jepsen whose contract was announced on the opening day of that tourney.

I'm sure Peter is going to do well in both cash online at Betfair and in the live tournaments."

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Mr. Frank Will Bring Back Legislation To Repeal The UIGEA.

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act has placed a strain on relations between the US and other European Union members. That was never more clear than when it was discovered that the EU has the US on a short leash.

They have extended a lifeline to the US to fix the problems that have been created by the UIGEA. Representative Barney Frank has plans of moving quickly to remedy the situation.

"The Bill introduction should happen within the next month. Mr. Frank will bring back legislation to repeal the UIGEA," said a spokesman for the House Financial Committee Chairman.

This will not be the first time that Frank has tried such legislation. His past attempts have been blocked by members of Congress that fear the US is losing billions from their economy to overseas online gambling sites.

That may be true, but Frank is realizing that this is no longer a matter of what the US government wants to do. The World Trade Organization may be asked to step in and if that happens it could further strain US relations with other countries.

President Obama has said that he wants to regain other countries' trust in the US and repealing the UIGEA would certainly go a long way in renewing that trust. Obama has also said in the past that he wants to keep the Internet free, so repealing the UIGEA would work two fold for his administration.

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EU Gives Obama Time To Fix Gambling Laws.

President Obama has swiftly done what he said he was going to do upon taking office.

One of those issues is online gambling laws in the US, and how they are affecting the country's relationship with other nations.

The European Union is prepared to recommend action against the US to the World Trade Organization, but before they do, they will give Obama the chance to make things right.

Millions of dollars were lost for publicly traded Internet gambling companies after the law took affect. It will now be up to President Obama to try and be the peacemaker he has made himself out to be.

Prior to Obama taking office, the last administration worked on a different set of rules. They did not give much regard to what other countries thought of their policies.

Obama has pledged that his administration would be more pen to negotiation rather than dictator status in the World.

This is Obama's chance to show the world and the EU in particular that it is a new day in the US.

Members of Obama's team, including Barney Frank, are looking to overturn the UIGEA and regulate the online gambling industry in the US. Obama himself has made his intentions clear to keep Internet commerce free from government intervention.

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Gus And Theo Battled It Out In The Boxing Ring.

On Saturday afternoon, the poker world was focused on an event that had nothing to do with the poker game. Fulltilt Poker pro Gus Hansen battled it out against Bet24 poker pro Theo Jorgensen inside a boxing ring.

The festivities kicked off at 2:00pm Eastern Time, with Jorgensen donning black shorts with white stripes and black headgear. Hansen wore solid black trunks and blue headgear. In the end, Hansen dropped the decision to Jorgensen by a judges’ vote.The match took place in Copenhagen, Denmark.

In order to prepare for Saturday’s boxing match, Hansen trained with former Olympic medalist Johnny De Lima.

But three rounds into the fight, the panel of judges ruled in favor of Theo Jorgensen. Gus Hansen stood in the ring after the match with his opponent, whom he is friends with outside of the poker tables, and did not appear to be badly injured.

Hansen placed a handicap on himself in the match. Jorgensen’s win earned him $35,000. If Hansen had won, he would have paid his adversary $25,000.

During the fight, play was paused in the Durrrr challenge between Patrik Amtonius and Dwan. Saturday marked the second day of play in the promotion, which features a $1.5 million wager by Dwan if anyone can defeat him in 50,000 hands of $200/$400 Pot Limit Omaha or No Limit Hold’em.

Read more about Durrrr´s challenge here.

The Durrrr Challenge has started.

The first session in the "durrrr Challenge" kicked off with Tom "durrrr" Dwan taking on Patrik Antonius. Thus far, Antonius, Phil Ivey, and David Benyamine have all accepted Dwan's challenge.

Antonius and Dwan played 1,541 of the required 50,000 hands, with Dwan emerging a $134,911.50 winner over the course of the first session. The game was PLO and they played on four of the eight "durrrr Challenge" tables that are currently set up on Full Tilt poker.

When the $500-$1,000 action on Full Tilt broke Saturday afternoon, Tom "durrrr" Dwan and Patrik Antonius agreed to resume their "durrrr Challenge" match.

Dwan and Antonius sat down for their second session, where Dwan won $36,661 over the course of 92 hands before pausing to take a lunch break. Action resumed 2,5 hours later and they played 1288 hands.

As they started the second session of the day, Dwan was up $171,573 over the life of the challenge, but Antonius made a huge comeback, booking a $228,069 win to put him ahead of Dwan by a total of $56,178 over the 2,915 hands they have logged thus far on their way to a total of 50,000 hands.

Antonius quit the match at just after 9 pm EST, Dwan congratulating him on the win.

Watch out for the "Challenge" and play with the poker pros at Fulltilt Poker here.


Fulltilt getting ready

Patrick Antonius warming up

Phil Ivey accepts durrrs poker challenge

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Pokerstars 25 Billion Hand Ends With A Spilt Pot.

In all the excitement leading up to Pokerstars 25 billionth hand, no one could predict how interesting the big hand would be.

It happened in the early morning hours of Monday February 16th. At the poker table Susilva, a $1/$2 limit Omaha Hi-Lo table.

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Player Confedrate had just sat down and was waiting to post his blinds. Not dealt into the hand, he was not eligible for the prize. All he could do was sit there and watch it play out. Pokerstars support wrote in the chat:
"Confedrate, it looks like that's right. You were waiting to post your blind, and didn't get dealt in. I'm very sorry."

Then player NeonFrost got disconnected and he´s hand was folded, but when he came back he said " Why would i ever fold"

Poker stars was quick on the case. The people behind the scenes reviewed the hand and awarded the prizes as if NeonFrost had been dealt into the hand. That was a good thing for him. He had the queen-high flush, good enough for the high pot and half the big prize.

When it was all sorted out, here's what the prizes looked like.

NeonFrost: Won high pot -- $50,000 and tourney package
tupapi777: Won low pot -- $50,000 and tourney package
FrtSpkndMn: $33,333.33
n47j25s: $33,333.33
chris12080: $33,333.33

Congratulations to you all with the nice win at Pokerstars 25 billion hand promotion.

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Fulltilt Poker Getting Ready For The Durrrr Challenge.

The first "durrrr" challenge, which should be Patrik Antonius vs Tom Dwan is supposed to get underway at any moment at Fulltilt Poker.

Fulltilt Poker has accommodated Dwan and Antonius by opening up four "durrrr" Challenge $200/$400 Pot Limit Omaha tables. They are all heads-up tables, as this will be a heads-up challenge.

Dwan made headlines in the poker world earlier this year when he issued his challenge. Anyone was welcome to accept, except for Phil "OMGClayAiken" Galfond.

The challenge:

A heads-up battle that would consist of at least 50,000 hands. Four tables would be played at all times, with minimum stakes of $200/$400. Dwan would allow his opponent to choose the game of choice from Pot Limit Omaha, No Limit Hold'em or a mix of the two.

If Dwan's opponent was ahead (after rake) at the end of the challenge, then Dwan would pay out $1.5 million dollars on top of whatever he lost during the challenge.

If Dwan was ahead after rake, then his opponent would have to cough up an additional $500,000.

At least three players apparently accepted the terms of the challenge, including: Phil Ivey, Patrik Antonius and David Benyamine.

Antonius will be getting the first crack at "durrrr", and the challenge should get underway this week.

Watch out for the challenge and play poker with the pros at Fulltilt Poker here.


Phil Ivey accepts Durrrs challenge

Daniel Negreanu Will No Longer Play In Poker After Dark.

Daniel Negreanu writes on he´s blog that he will no longer be playing on any more sessions of Poker After Dark.

Pokerstars will no longer be allowing it's players to play on Poker After Dark, at first Daniel was a bit perplexed, but as Daniel says:

" Pokerstars didn't become the world's largest poker site by accident, there are smart people making key decisions as to what's best for the site, and this is another example of them getting it right. While it was fun to play on the show, I totally respect the decision to pull Pokerstars players from the show. "

Daniel Negreanu´s micro limit challenge has been going pretty good. He crushed the $0.02-$0.05 cent game and moved up quickly. After 209 hands played at $0.05-$0.10 he´s up $13.00 after getting coolered with KK versus AA pre-flop against a wild player and losing back $10.00. Daniel won't move up to the final micro limit level, $0.10-$0.25 cent, until he has a $125 bankroll.

Daniel Negreanu´s mom is also very sick and she´s in the hospital for a surgery, and Daniel has received tons of e-mails and want´s to thank all who have been praying for he´s mother to have a speedy recovery.

As for Daniel´s LA tournament plans, he might not make up he´s mind until the last minute.

You can read more and the rest of Daniel Negreanu´s blog here.

WSOP 2006 Winner Jamie Gold Signs With ACED Poker.

The champion of the 2006 World Series of Poker Main Event, Jamie Gold has signed with Aced poker, which makes its home on the Merge Gaming Network.

Jamie Gold won the largest WSOP tournament ever held, with a field of 8,773 players, and pocketed $12 million.

As part of his duties with Aced poker, Gold will be found playing on the site, representing the brand at major live poker tournaments, and working alongside our team to make sure each and every ACED player has the best possible experience.

Gold has appeared on a bevy of poker television shows, including NBC’s “Poker After Dark” and GSN’s “High Stakes Poker.”

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Pokerstars 25 Billionth Hand With Awarding Cash Prizes.

Online poker players are in for a treat this weekend, Pokerstars has introduced promotions as part of its 25 billionth hand celebration. The festivities will be capped off when the milestone hand is dealt. Its winner will take home $100,000 plus $50,000 in major tournament entries.

Beginning with the 24.85 billionth and continuing until the 25 billionth hand, Pokerstars will be awarding cash prizes to the winners of every millionth hand. When a milestone hand kicks off, a pop-up window will appear and a PokerStars Host will head to the table to explain what’s at stake.

The amount that can be won depends on a table’s stakes. If a millionth hand occurs at a micro-stakes game, its winner will take home $300 and the rest of the players will pocket $125.

Low-stakes millionth hand winners will see their bankrolls boosted by $750 and the rest of the pack takes home $250.

Medium stakes hand winners receive $1,250 and high-stakes champions will take home $2,500. The rest of the table at those stakes receives $500 and $1,000, respectively. A bonus multiplier based on a player’s VIP status ranges from 15% to 200%.

The winner of the 25 billionth hand will receive a colossal $150,000 in cash and prizes. First, the player’s bankroll will be boosted by $100,000. They will also receive four prize packages for some of the largest poker tournaments held: the European Poker Tour (EPT) Monte Carlo Grand Final in Monaco, Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure in The Bahamas, World Series of Poker in Las Vegas, and PokerStars’ own World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) Main Event.

Back when the site logged its 10 billionth hand of poker, Justine "justine0003" Hall took home $100,000 while playing on a $0.01/$0.02 micro-stakes table when her 3-8 of clubs turned a flush. Amazingly, the pot size was nearly $13, as four players were all in to try to earn the $100,000 prize.

Gus And Theo Inside The Boxing Ring.

On February 21st, three-time World Poker Tour Champion Gus Hansen will square off against World Series of Poker bracelet holder Theo Jorgensen.

The match won’t take place at the poker table, however. Instead, it will be inside a boxing ring. The two Danes will duel in the debut of Gus TV.

If Hansen beats Jorgensen in the boxing arena, Jorgensen will fork over $25,000. If Jorgensen wins, he’ll earn $35,000 from Hansen.

However, this match is far from being solely about the money, as Jorgensen quipped: “Forget about the money, this is all about the glory. The loser of this fight will definitely hear about it for many years to come.

Tickets to the event can be purchased online and currently run 249 DKK (approximately $40) and the spectacle kicks off at 21:00 local time.

You can place a bet on Gus and Theo´s boxing match at right now.

Barney Frank to Reintroduce Internet Gambling Legislation

This week it was revealed that Congressman Barney Frank (D-MA) will reintroduce legislation favorable to internet gambling in the next few weeks.

During the previous Congress, Frank introduced HR 2046, the Internet Gambling Regulation and Enforcement Act, which established a full licensing and regulatory framework for the industry in the United States.

The public opinion is demanding the right to gamble online, which served as the impetus behind Frank’s decision to reintroduce legislation.

The UIGEA regulations were officially enacted on January 19th, 2009, one day prior to the swearing in of President Barack Obama.

The financial services industry must come into full compliance by December 1st, 2009, about one year after the regulations were approved by the U.S. Treasury and White House Office of Management and Budget.

You can read more at Pokernewsdaily.

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