Phil Ivey Accepts Durrr's Poker Challenge.

Millions Expected to Change Hands in High Stakes Battle.

Tom “durrrr” Dwan told Card Player about his challenge last month, and it is described in full detail in the magazine’s upcoming cover story about him, set to hit casinos this week.

Basically, Dwan has challenged anyone in the world — with the sole exception being his good friend and professional poker player Phil Galfond — to play 50,000 hands with him heads up, in either no-limit Texas hold'em or pot-limit Omaha at $200-$400 stakes at a minimum of four online poker tables.

"I don't get enough people to play me heads up. Even though there is more money to be made in other games, rather than playing heads up at one or two tables, it's so interesting and you learn a lot," said Dwan. "I think I might have an edge here, but it's more to have fun and gamble a bit. That's why I'm making this challenge."

If, at the end of the 50,000 hands, his opponent is up, Dwan will fork over an additional $1.5 million to pad his opponent's winnings. If Dwan is up, he keeps the profits, as well as another $500,000 from the competitor.

Ivey conceded that Dwan might have an edge early on in the battle, since he is not as used to multi-tabling as the online pro is.

“The funny thing is, he probably does have an edge,” said Ivey. “There’s something tempting about that million and a half to $500,000.”

Ivey also said that Patrik Antonius, as well as a number of other poker pros, have indicated that they are interested in taking up the 22-year-old phenom.

Watch the challenge here and play poker with the pros at Fulltilt Poker.

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