Everest Poker WSOP $1 Million Match

The best way to qualify for the WSOP 2009 must be through Everest Poker with this great promotion. The $1 Million Match.

Everest Poker has come up with a unique promotion that stands to benefit all players who qualify for the 2009 World Series of Poker Main Event.

All players who qualify for the WSOP $10,000 Main Event through WSOP Steps sit & gos and scheduled tournaments have the chance to win even more money.

The more Everest players who qualify means your chance for winning extra cash increases.

Everest Poker are going to match the total winnings of all qualified players up to $1 million. And then they are going to distribute it evenly among all the qualified players.

So even if you don’t end up cashing in at the Main Event, you still have the chance to cash in with Everest Poker.

How does the $1 Million Match work ?
It’s simple. The total amount Everest players take home from the WSOP Main Event prize pool up to $1 million, Everest poker will put up of their own cash and distribute equally among all players who qualified for the event.

For example, let’s say 100 players qualify for the 2009 WSOP Main Event.
20 players end up finishing in the money. These 20 players win a total of $700,000.

Everest Poker would then evenly distribute $700,000 of their own money among each of the 100 players who qualified for the Main Event. Each of these players will receive $7000, to be deposited into their Everest Poker account.

Had the plan been in place in 2008, the 62 Everest Poker qualifiers in Las Vegas would have earned $20,000 each.

Qualify for the WSOP at Everest Poker here


$5000 Freeroll Tonight At Bet24 Poker

Finally it's Friday and Bet24 Poker will run a $5000 Spring Freeroll tonight at 20:00 CET!

The freeroll is avaliable for all players at Bet24.

This freeroll is also open for new players, just registrer and download Bet24 Poker here.

No need to deposit any money, just registrer for the $5000 Freeroll.

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Nick Won The 16,000 SNG Challenge.

Nick Rainey started the challenge 16,000 SNG´s and $10,000 profit in 1 month on March 18th, 2009.

And it was official yesterday, friday morning that SNG Nick won the challenge.

He was up around $11,500 when playing the 16,000th game.

A few days ago the Sit & Go specialist Nick Rainey broke the previous world record of number of Sit & Go's played online in one month.

He played more than 14,000 games in the first 20 days, but has now hit over 16,000 games in 1 month, and made a new world record.

The previous world record was 10,351 SNG played in one month.

Nick claims to hav won around $71,000 in poker winnings and prop bets in this challenge.

On the sharkscope leaderbord Nick got 1st place in total winnings for 2009 in the $16 to $35 games.

Nick will post graphs and do a full report as soon as he recover, check out he´s blog here: http://sngnick.blogspot.com/

Well done.


Challenge: 16,000 SNG’s in 31 days and $10,000 in Profits.

The Sit & Go specialist and Poker Pro Nick Rainey, broke the previous world record of number of Sit & Go's played online in one month.

Nick Rainey has allready played more than 14,000 games in about 20 days.
The previous world record was 10,351 SNG played in one month.

The goal of this challenge is to play 16,000 sit & go's in one month and make a profit of $10,000.

Nick Rainey started the challenge on March 18th, 2009. As of April 11th, he has earned $7,738 in profits and has played 14,000 sit & go's. He has been grinding through each day, playing sessions that last from 20 to 40 hours each.

Stinko_Mikko is the username Nick Rainey use on FullTilt Poker while playing, he is limited to sit & go's within a $6-$75 buy-in range, and he is required to play in a minimum of 9-man tournaments or larger.

You can check out Rainey and follow his progress on his blog http://sngnick.blogspot.com/


Durrrr Challenge: Durrrr Back In The Lead.

Just a quick update on the Durrrr challenge.

In a short session between durrrr and Patrik Antonius last night durrrr won $55k.

With that win he is back in the lead, right now durrrr is in front with $30k.

Patrik Antonius was in front in the challenge last week, so it will be exiting to see who wins this challenge.

Patrik was the one calling it a night as he said he needed to sleep, but he said that they will play later tomorrow so keep your eyes open for more durrrr and Patrik action tonight.

Follow the durrrr challenge here

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