Daniel Negreanu Will No Longer Play In Poker After Dark.

Daniel Negreanu writes on he´s blog that he will no longer be playing on any more sessions of Poker After Dark.

Pokerstars will no longer be allowing it's players to play on Poker After Dark, at first Daniel was a bit perplexed, but as Daniel says:

" Pokerstars didn't become the world's largest poker site by accident, there are smart people making key decisions as to what's best for the site, and this is another example of them getting it right. While it was fun to play on the show, I totally respect the decision to pull Pokerstars players from the show. "

Daniel Negreanu´s micro limit challenge has been going pretty good. He crushed the $0.02-$0.05 cent game and moved up quickly. After 209 hands played at $0.05-$0.10 he´s up $13.00 after getting coolered with KK versus AA pre-flop against a wild player and losing back $10.00. Daniel won't move up to the final micro limit level, $0.10-$0.25 cent, until he has a $125 bankroll.

Daniel Negreanu´s mom is also very sick and she´s in the hospital for a surgery, and Daniel has received tons of e-mails and want´s to thank all who have been praying for he´s mother to have a speedy recovery.

As for Daniel´s LA tournament plans, he might not make up he´s mind until the last minute.

You can read more and the rest of Daniel Negreanu´s blog here.


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