Phil Ivey dominates the high-stakes on Full Tilt.

If you take a look at Online Poker Results, you will see that Phil Ivey has consistently dominated the high stakes games on Full Tilt Poker.
He doesn't have an edge in just one game, he has an edge in all of the games.

Most of the high stakes players have one, or maybe two games that they feel like they have an advantage in.
And they will avoid games that they feel like they don't have an edge in.

But Phil Ivey is different he is a machine, and seems to be able to profit in any game that he chooses, which makes him one of the best all round poker players in the world ever.

This is the top 5 winners on fulltilt this year.

1. Phil Ivey $7.217.278 With 86133 hands played.

2. Tom 'durrrr' Dwan $4.134.654 With 203543 hands played.

3. Phil 'OMGClayAiken' Galfond $3.428.738 With 134583 hands played.

4. Hac 'trex313' Dang $3.326.685 With 134379 hands played.

5. David Benyamine $2.939.865 With 241499 hands played.

Phil ivey is the biggest winner with the fewest hands played so far this year, which have made him about $83 for each hand played in 2008.

Keep in mind that only started tracking the Omaha Hi/Lo and HORSE games a few months ago.
You can probably safely assume that Ivey was a winning player in both games prior to July 1st, 2008, which might put his total winnings on Full Tilt since January of 2008 up over the 7 million dollar mark.

Players such as David Benyamine and Patrik Antonius have played under multiple accounts on Full Tilt. However, even if you consolidate these results, neither player is even coming close to Phil Ivey in terms of overall profits.

When Phil Ivey in september made it into the money in the H.O.R.S.E tournament at WSOPE in London, he reached the 10 million dollar mark in total live poker winnings. (only official numbers)


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