Beating the Weak Player.

On Daniel Negreanu´s blog i found a really good post about beating up on the weak player.

If someone describes your playing style as weak, let's just say you're in lots of trouble. In fact, its the weak players that are the ones you should focus on when you are at the poker table.

Rather than duke it out with the strong, fierce, aggressive players you'll risk less, and win more in the long run against the weak, timid, passive players.

In order to pound on the weak players properly, the first thing you'll need to do is identify them. There are generally a few clues that you can look for that while not always totally accurate, could be clues nonetheless:

1) How they dress. If someone dresses extremely conservatively they will generally play poker that way! If they dress loudly they'll more than likely play more aggressive or flamboyantly.

2) How they talk. This is in line with the previous clue. If they are quiet or timid in the way they talk, chances are that's how they'll play poker.
Again, conversely, if you a dealing with an aggressive talker they are more than likely aggressive players.

3) Do they raise before the flop or just call? If they like to limp in on a regular basis, you might be dealing with a weak player.

4) Do they like to bet, or check and call? Aggressive players are bettors while weak players tend to check, or just call others bets.

So once you've identified the weak player, it's time to strategize against them.
Playing against weak players is without a doubt, the easiest type of opponent to face. In fact, your cards often don't even matter since they play so predictably!

You can read the rest of daniel´s great post here:

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