Learn How To Play SNG Tournaments.

The SitNGo Wizard Can Teach You How to Play No Limit Hold’em SitNGo Tournaments.

If you are a beginning player or just new to SitNGo tournaments, the SitNGo Wizard will quickly turn you into a winning player at the low limit SitNGo’s.

If you are already an experienced SitNGo player, the SitNGo Wizard will help you find and eliminate costly mistakes that you don’t even realize you are making.

How Does It Work ?

The SitNGo Wizard reads your tournament hand history and runs an analysis of each hand. The analysis compares the equity you would have if you fold pre-flop to the equity you would have if you push all-in pre-flop. Equity is your share of the prize pool at any point in the tournament. It is based on number of opponents, the size of each player’s stack, and the tournament prize structure.

The poker software computes the equity of every possible outcome of the hand. It combines the equity of each outcome with the probability of each outcome to come up with the total equity. It would take you days to do these calculations by hand, but the SitNGo Wizard computes them in a fraction of a second.

See Dramatic Improvements in Just Minutes a Day.

A few minutes a day is all it takes to start seeing stunning results. After each session, start up the SitNGo Wizard and review questionable hands. At first, you will probably have many questionable hands to review each session. As your short stack play improves you will start seeing fewer questionable hands each session.

Eventually, you may see so few mistakes that you will be tempted to stop reviewing hands altogether. Don’t fall for this trap! No matter how good your short stack play becomes, you will always be able to find a few hands that you are not sure about. Additionally, you may begin to pick up bad habits without realizing it. Constant review is the only way to insure you are always playing your best game.

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