Daniel Negreanu´s WSOP 2009 Plan.

Here is the list of events Daniel Negreanu plan on playing at the WSOP 2009.

Some events do overlap so it's highly unlikely that Daniel Negreanu will be playing all of them, but if an event is NOT on this list, Daniel guarantees you that he won't be playing it.

Daniel Negreanu´s WSOP 2009 schedule:

May 28th: $40,000 No Limit Hold'em
May 29th: $40,000 No Limit Hold'em (Day 2)
May 30th: $40,000 No Limit Hold'em (Day 3)
May 31st: $40,000 No Limit Hold'em (Final Table)

June 1st: 5pm $10,000 7 Card Stud
June 2nd: $10,000 7 Card Stud (Day 2)
June 3rd: $10,000 7 Card Stud (Final Table)

June 4th: 5pm $10,000 Mixed Games

June 5th: 5pm $2500 Limit Hold'em (6 handed)

June 6th: 12pm $5000 No Limit Hold'em

June 7th: 5pm $10,000 Omaha 8
June 8th: $10,000 Omaha 8 (Day 2)

June 9th: 5pm $3000 HORSE
June 10th: 5pm $10,000 2-7 NL Lowball
June 11th: 5pm $2500 Stud 8/Omaha 8
June 12th: 12pm $1500 Limit Hold'em
June 13th: 5pm $10,000 NLH Heads Up
June 14th: 12pm $2500 PLO/PLH

June 15th: 5pm $10,000 Limit Hold'em
June 16th: $10,000 Limit Hold'em (Day 2)

June 17th: 12pm $5000 Pot Limit Omaha
June 18th: 5pm $10,000 Stud 8
June 19th: 12pm $2000 Limit Hold'em
June 20th: 5pm $10,000 Pot Limit Omaha
June 21st: 12pm $5000 No Limit Hold'em Shootout
June 21st: 5pm $2500 Mixed Games

June 22nd: DAY OFF

June 23rd: 12pm $10,000 Pot Limit Hold'em
June 23rd: 5pm $2500 Omaha 8

June 24: DAY OFF
June 25: DAY OFF

June 26th: $50,000 HORSE
June 27th: $50,000 HORSE (Day 2)

June 28th: $3000 Triple Chance No Limit Hold'em
June 28th: $1500 Stud 8
June 29th: $2500 2-7 Triple Draw
June 30th: $5000 No Limit Hold'em (6 Max)

July 5th: $10,000 No Limit Hold'em (Day 1C)
July 8th: $10,000 No Limit Hold'em (Day 2)
July 10th: $10,000 No Limit Hold'em (Day 3)
July 11th: $10,000 No Limit Hold'em (Day 4)
July 12th: $10,000 No Limit Hold'em (Day 5)
July 13th: $10,000 No LImit Hold'em (Day 6)
July 14th: Play down to 27
July 15th: Play down to 9

Daniel Negreanu´s $10 to $10.000 project is going very well and he is only $7 away from graduating to next level $0.05-$0.10 cash games read more at Daniel Negreanu´s blog.

if you want a shot at Daniel Negranu on pokerstars, you'll usually find him on there at approximately 11:00pm PST on most nights.


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