Daniel Negreanu´s Blog: From $10 To $100.000

Daniel Negreanu has been spotted at the microstakes NL cash tables blinds $0.01-$0.02. at Pokerstars.

Starting from just $10 Negreanu will try to turn it into a whopping $100.000.

As Daniel writes on he´s blog "" This is actually way more fun than I thought it was going to be.""

Daniel Negreanu has set a bunch of rules, one of them is to play poker with a 500 big blind bankroll, and move up a level whenever he has 500 big blinds to the next level.

Here is a list of all the rules:

1. I won't move up in limits unless I have 500 big blinds for that limit. I'm starting at $0.01-$0.02 with a $10 bankroll.

2. When possible, my buy in amount will allow me 5 buy ins at that limit. For example, if I have $5 left, my buy in for the game will be $1. I'll continue to do that until I dip below the min buy in.

3. I will play only NL cash games. I'll try to play full ring games as much as possible.

4. If I double my bankroll in a session I'll quit on my blind to help avoid risking too high a percentage of my bankroll in any one hand.

5. At about the $5-$10 limit I may decide to increase the number of big blinds required to move up in limits. 500 BB's is plenty for the micro games, but could be rather short for the higher limit games with better opponents. I'll base my decision on when to do that at my discretion.

6. I may also lower the buy in amount for the higher limit games from 1/5th of my bankroll per session to 1/10th of my bankroll per session. Again, I'll make that decision when the time comes.

7. When the amount needed to reach the goal is less than the 1/5th of the bankroll buy in, the buy in will be equal to the amount needed to reach the goal. Example: If 1/5th of the bankroll is $4.50 but you only need $2.50 to reach the goal, the buy in for the next session will be $2.50.

If you go to Daniel negreanu´s blog you can read what he thinks about playing microstakes on Pokerstars.

Read Daniel Negreanu´s blog Here.


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