World Series Of Poker (WSOP) Main Event 2009 In Las Vegas

The $10.000 WSOP 2009 Main Event just started at the Rio in Las Vegas, this tournament is the world championship of poker, and is the last World Series of Poker event in Las Vegas in 2009.

The WSOP 2009 Main Event will feature 4 starting days, each player gets 30.000 in chips, and it will take 8 days of play to reach the final table.

After the success seen in the WSOP 2008, one major item will remain the same, the November Nine format.

The final 9 players remaining in the main event will once again go on a 4 month hiatus before coming back to play out the action Nov. 7-10. The intent is to build up anticipation for the year's biggest poker event.

After an amazing turnout to see Peter Eastgate win the 2008 championship and more than $9 million, this year's finale will take place in front of a live audience and will receive special prime-time coverage on ESPN.

WSOP 2008 was a record year 58.720 poker players from 124 different countries battled for their share of over $180,000,000 in total prizes over the course of 56 WSOP events.

It´s amazing to see the incredible numbers that the World Series of Poker (WSOP) continues to provide in spite of evidence that would project an overall decline in poker's popularity.

Number of WSOP Main Event Entrants.
: 8,773 entrants ( Before the UIGEA )
2007: 6,358 entrants
2008: 6,844 entrants

Lets see how many players found their way to the WSOP 2009 Main Event.

GOOD LUCK to everyone playing the main event.

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Poker Star Blog said...

World Championship NL Texas Hold'em (Event 57)
No Rebuy/Add-ons

July 3,2009 12:00 PM Day 1A (3,000 players)

July 4,2009 12:00 PM Day 1B (3,000 players)

July 5,2009 12:00 PM Day 1C (3,000 players)

July 6,2009 12:00 PM Day 1D (3,000 players)

July 7,2009 12:00 PM Day 2A
July 8,2009 12:00 PM Day 2B
July 9,2009 12:00 PM Media Event
July 10,2009 12:00 PM Day 3
July 11,2009 12:00 PM Day 4
July 12,2009 12:00 PM Day 5
July 13,2009 12:00 PM Day 6
July 14,2009 12:00 PM Day 7
July 15,2009 12:00 PM Day 8

November 7-10,2009 TBD FINAL TABLE

And yes i am pretty sure ESPN will show it, i just dont know when.

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